One thing I could do more is give myself credit for how I do things. My unique spin on processes has given me an edge that I could easily quantify if I was into math or scientific calculations – especially now that I’ve harvested much of my hard work of my multi-dimensional personal development quest.

But I’m not into either of those things. Scientists don’t factor in the magic of life into their experiments. That’s why they don’t resonate with me; I don’t understand them. My clever thought process allows me to circumnavigate “reason” and come up with my own conclusion – what makes sense for me. Everything is subject to interpretation, including “rational scientific data”.

This is an important step for personal sovereignty. There are many in the world who have been trained how to think by school and governments and media. We give these institutions an unearned claim of authority on how we should behave. Really, we could benefit from a lot less meddling on this planet, particularly from these institutions.
I’ve retrained myself to think in a way that serves myself. I start with myself to affect others. I know what’s best for me.

I practice recognizing that no one else experiences reality in the exact same way that I do…..or responds to it in the same way either. My experience of ‘delicious’, ‘heaven’, ‘pain’, and ‘mediocrity’ differs from every other being in this beloved universe. Oh the freedom in just accepting that.
And that concept in itself reveals why having our own individual clever thought processes is a stepping stone to multiple levels of liberation.
To me everything is perfect. To you? A different story. And that adds to the perfection of it all.