As a schooled complacent when I heard the word nomadic I pictured native persons roaming the lands 200 years ago. I thought back in time.

Nomads aren’t a thing of the past though. They exist in present, modern circumstances.

They are each their own version of On The Road. Everyone has their story. Somehow they can work and travel. That variable makes it an easier & more natural choice.

Constant movement as the best opportunity beckons. In the past it would have been more rustically survival based. Currently it’s be more economically or career driven. It’s a naturally heartfelt choice.

It feels apparent to me that my movement patterns are quite like the nomadic natives I learned about years ago.

200 years later what does a nomad look like?

First impressions of a nomadic person are usually bohemian in nature. It’s all part of it. Being connected and whimsical. Wearing scarves. Crazy hair, more fearless in nature than the normal similar, is familiar with postal and shipping services, airport terminals & the present moment.

I recall having a conversation with a classic Nomadic type back in 2009. I was at Astral Harvest music festival in Alberta, Canada, and there was this exotic classical, colorful desert carnival tent pitched and offering a Hookah experience for people. To me this was the ultimate: This man had brought a colorful cross section of culture and tradition and refinement and implanted it into the middle of a musical human experiment to share its affect on the collective. This was how he made his living. Traveling to music festivals around the world and serving his world flavored download.

I remember looking at this man in the Moonlight. He said he spend a good portion of his year in Morocco, in the desert, and that his presentation of life was a reflection of his experience there. I felt grateful to this man for being.

He had really interesting eyes. I physically didn’t get the impression that he was much older 35 years old though his eyes were deep and ancient.

He looked nomadic. He had this Jack Sparrow meets Osho vibe that screamed “I don’t live anywhere. Where I pitch my tent, that’s where I sleep.” Classic.

Long dreads, premature wrinkles, bohemian to the max. Nomadic.

I consider myself nomadic. And I often wonder if visually I appear a variation of the quintessential nomadic I describe above. Mostly I want to shape shift. That’s why I feel I’m a good fit for the nomad life. I can be whoever I want to be in any moment. It has an action hero vibe, right? James Bond is a nomad, people.

Nomadic people are highly adaptable. They can shape shift as their current circumstances dictate. They are grounded, anchored (in self) yet free (spatially).

People who get around and can thrive in any circumstance; that’s why the nomadic look is hot.