Probably one of the most dangerous activities I regularly participate in is flying in an airplane. There’s a lot going on when it comes to traveling by plane, and I’ve come to realize that the public awareness of the inherent danger levels are minimized.

From the ground to the sky experience and back again, shit gets real when there’s a flight involved. That metal tube with wings that flies through the clouds is a germ incubator, a radiation magnet, and a circadian rhythm, hormone disrupting trickster.

During a typical flight there’s a plethora of emotions and components that I don’t typically deal with; stressors on the body-mind spirit. TSA induced anxiety and fear; radiation from cosmic rays, jet lag, dehydration, and viral and toxin exposure from germs and all the chemicals used to clean and operate the planes. It’s gnar.

As a frequent flyer I’ve come up with my own flight protocol to mitigate all the whole ordeal that I do feel works. A decade ago a trip that included flights would have a high likelihood of leaving me with an ear or lung infection that lasted for weeks. Now I fly regularly and experience quick recovery, and no illness.

Last year I took over 50 flights around the world. My MO is to “hit the ground running”, so that my integration into my new environment is quick, easy, and graceful. I literally don’t have time to be sick.

The following protocol helps me A LOT.

Pre & Post: I prepare for flights a few days before, and continue a few days after. From visualizing the best flight ever to focusing on hydration, upping my anti-oxidant consumption and radiation protocol, I take flights very seriously.

Before: 5-9 MegaHydrate (literally helps with hydration) Caps, 3-5 packets LypoSpheric Vitamin C (antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage caused by the surplus of free radicals experienced with travel by plane) , 7-10 drops Iodine (most potent killer of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites in the world), 1 tsp Green Tea Extract (lesses effect of radiation exposure), recommended daily dose Max Stress B Vitamin Complex (B Vitamins are our friends when it comes to dealing with stress in general).

During: Wearing a Zapper (a Schumann Resonance device that emits a grounding earth frequency into my body), using Scents of Awe Breath as One (an immune supporting nose salve), chewing on Chlorella Tabs, Wearing Wool, Hemp, Cashmere, and other protective fabrics, using gems such as shungite, tourmaline etc on my person as an extra layer of protection. Eating fruits & vegetables like oranges and cucumbers can help with hydration and they are easy to transport.

After: 3-5 packets LypoSpheric Vitamin C, 7-10 drops Iodine, 1 tsp Green Tea Extract, Living Libations Salt Inhaler (purifies the respiratory system), Shower/Bath ( for the grounding effect and to wash the ick off), Sleeping Grounded in my Earthing Recovery Bag. The grounding part is essential for nipping jet lag in the bud. That combined with hydration and sticking to your new time zone schedule is your best bet for transcending jet lag.

That’s pretty much it. Frankly, there are more elements to cover. For now this is a great snapshot of how to keep yourself safe way up there.