Some people don’t like being alone. I’m not one of those people. I love my alone time. I enjoy being in my own company, and can easily entertain myself in any moment.

My endless curiosity and commitment to myself keeps my attention. I can generally find something to do if I feel I want to “do something”, and I’m also quite content to daydream

Thus, I’ve come to appreciate the solo party.

Chilling with me, myself & I. My music, my desires, my inspiration. Its a party where I’m the VIP guest of honor.

These solo parties are the perfect opportunity for me to express myself through my various creative outlets.

I play my favorite beats vibe in. Maybe I’ll stretch for a bit, then dance for a while longer. Then I might write for a while, or do some work tasks…since my office is virtual. Perhaps I’ll chat with a few friends online. Or I’ll take the time to organize a cluttered space or unresolved tasks.

The solo party is a fun way to get things done. There are no rules, just having a great time. It reframes things that have to get done, like accounting, and turns it into rewarding good times.

It also make the things that I love doing though often procrastinate on more accessible to me. I pull a sneaky uncle and party my way to their completion.

Dance by yourself and get things done.