I’ve recently become a dedicated journal keeper. The last time I went to see a psychic I didn’t get any profoundly accurate info (haha), although one nugget stood out in my notes. “Make sure you keep a journal when you’re in Peru”, she said.

And so I did. I started in when I was in line at Peruvian Customs and lovely gal I had seen in another airport line in Mexico City gave me a download of all the sweet spots of Cusco.

(I actually didn’t reference that information ONCE while I was in Peru. When I was back in Canada I noticed I had visited 90% of her suggestions…..just through referrals and synchronicities).

Anyway, I journaled everyday while I was in Peru. I would say that it saved me. A love interest that went sour, a culture of wonder, shamanic medicines and working all the way through…there was a lot for this body-mind-spirit to process in the month that I was there.

When I came home I began reading The Artists Way, an emotional process that was developed for artists which consists of the daily practice of free hand writing three pages first thing in the morning. It’s a way of getting that morning subconscious out on paper so that it’s not taking up precious real estate in your working mind.

As this gets dumped everyday onto paper, it frees up emotional space in which creativity seems to flourish. Countless people have used this process as a way to free themselves from the shackles of tedium. People have become famous from undergoing this process. It’s kind of a big deal.

And thus began and new practice of gettin’ up and writin’. Sometime’s it really fucking hard. And I do it anyway.

Knowing how the act of writing kept me same in Peru keeps me doing it. And learning that it could actually be the key to all of my goals and dreams keeps me doing it.