With many offers & lures to join groups & communities or behave, eat or be a certain way (& mostly hang with certain people), it’s made me realize one thing: I like who I am.

And I don’t need to embrace someone else’s dogma to assert who I am or who I want to become. Drink the kool-aid and become one of us.
In fact, it fundamentally contradicts my rebellious nature to be a member of what I consider to be cliques that have graduated from high school.
Sure, I have super tight relationships with my über close friends – and these relationships might seem impenetrable from the outside….but the only requirement I have of friendship is openness to who I am. And I in turn commit my openness to you, of course. (If you, for example, want to be a part of an adult clique, I respect this choice. However, I prefer to hang out over here, cool? I’m into being on my terms.).
Side note: A PREFERENCE, in addition to that is to be fashionably inspiring. It’s not a requirement. However, my preferences & requirements tend to go hand in hand. Somehow those who are open just happen to be fashionably inspiring.
Anyway, cliques suck.
And I’ll just do what I want when I want with whom I want. If you want to join let me know. And if you want to invite me to your party, I’ll come if I can.