Every once and while I’ll eat something that is so delicious it’s a mind fuck. What? How does this taste so good? It’s ridiculous!

This happened a few weeks ago when I was swirling between California and Arizona. A lovely lady named Christina brought Avocado a gift of fresh Barhi dates.
I had heard of Barhi dates before; my friend Heidy got really excited about them when they were fresh in season and available on the internet for a slight investment. Yes, yes. Medjool’s, etc are good and all….but compared to Barhi’s they simply are shrivelled fruits.
And really – look at these things? Do they look like they would melt your heart with their tastiness?
Frankly I didn’t get it. I mean, I like dates and all….but I truly did not understand my friends enthusiasm.
Until now.
Caramely & delicious, these dates made me go to my special place each time I had a chance to enjoy them.
It blows my mind sometimes how nature creates these foods that are so epically delicious just by themselves. Damn she is amazing. Enter slow clap here.
My point: I recommend tasting what I feel that candy makers have only tried to imitate. Nature’s true caramel. Open yourself to the experience of a fresh Barhi date. Dang. You won’t regret it.