I sit here on the eve of the last day of my 33rd year here on Earth and reflect. What were my most profound learnings of the past 365 days?

First, I’ve learned to accept my own beauty more. I’ve been fortunate enough to be around people who let me know what they like about me, which is nice. And it’s never what I expect them to say. The things about myself that I might dislike or discount are then very things that draw people to me. Who’d a thought? And so, all of me is likeable, even the parts of me that aren’t. This revelation makes it so much easier for me to get along with myself & others.
On the beauty tangent I’ve come to recognize my sensual nature, and how it’s allowed me to become a master appreciator. I can relish in every moment, even the ones that cause me pain. This amazes me all the time. And the beauty around keeps becoming MORE obvious and the moments in my life keep becoming MORE beautiful. I can derive so much pleasure from observing miracles of nature & humankind.
How is this? How is it that life’s beauty abounds in the midst of what could be described as “shitty”. How is it that we can look for the gift in every moment? Death, tragedy, embarrassment, laziness, ineptitude, dissatisfaction, etc., all have their rainbow factor.
Second, it’s come to my attention that paying attention to the small details in my life will invite bigger things. If I can get the minutia of my life in order, where the simplest things are completed proficiently & efficiently, then I open my self to greater experiences. If I can show others, for example, that I can complete basic tasks with a sense of urgency & to a high calibre result, they are more likely to ask me to get involved with more important or high impact activities. Why get involved with someone who can’t deliver on the basic stuff?
This seems like an appropriate variable to factor into my decision making. How I do anything is how I do everything. Same goes for others…..
And thirdly, getting clear is the key to activating passion. If I know what I want, (& don’t want), it’s easy to get up in the morning to work towards it. Fuzziness breeds laziness. A crystal clear vision breeds passionate action.
It all seems so obvious. Geez, this would have been great information to have had 33 years ago. But hey, everything’s perfect, right?