I love people that are committed to being the best ‘thems’
they can be. Constantly striving for personal bests isn’t
exactly easy. But it’s also not boring.
I’m into living a life that’s not boring…thus Bobby Proctor’s
wisdom speaks to me.

Bobby Lesson #5: There are no limits, so don’t set puny
goals. Reach further, because what you can currently
comprehend only leads to mediocre results.Our
comprehension is based on our vibration right now and
generally that’s NOT where we want to be. Chew on this

Bobby Lesson #4: Know what you want. Not only know
what we want right now, but know what we want after
that. Be specific and that thing will come–but only if you
can feel it deep inside. If you want incredible health, know
what it means to you and feel it inside.

Bobby Lesson #3: Find a mentor (or a few!). The Proc worked
with Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant and these success
greats taught him all he knew and then he went out and
applied them for himself. Choose your life, health and fitness
and finance teachers wisely and reach for the top. If someone
doesn’t have the results you’re looking for…then they’re not
good mentor material. I.e. don’t listen to the fat personal
trainer who tells you what you should eat. 🙂

Bobby Lesson #2: Know it will happen. One thing that has
been constant in Bob Proctor’s life is that he knew something
big would happen. When *The Secret* was released at the
age of 72, he was propelled from greatness to *legendary*.
He knew it was going to happen all along. If you know your
health will be awesome, it will. If you know that you’ll meet
the perfect partner for you – you will…and so forth.

Bobby Lesson #1: Repetition creates vibration and vibration
creates results. The Proc read the same book over and over
again for 3 years. Yup, three years! He wanted to make sure
that he *got* and applied everything to get the results that
he wanted–massive success. If you want massive success in
your life, finances, relationships, health and fitness, etc then
follow this recipe: learn, learn, learn and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Oh Bobby – You just KNOW! And now…back to being the
best me I can be…