I ate a copious amount of raw cacao during the weekend…in addition to many other super star foods like mulberries & raw honey & mesquite & lucuma & almonds & vanilla bean caviar fresh from papa new guinea. exciting exotic ingredients with intoxicating aromas and titillating tastes.

This past Saturday I was at a raw chocolate making workshop put on by Malcolm Saunders where we got hands on experience in the cacao craft. It was super fun and it’s so damn simple i can’t believe I’ve never even made my own chocolate before. Ridiculous!
After the teaching and the tastings…covered in cacao powder and vanilla dust I realized that I felt absolutely HIGH off food. Surrounded by my fellow chocolate makers, us babes were giggling and playing like children in a park after a couple of hits off the bong. A stark contrast to my persnickety grumpy self earlier that week.
Am I what I eat? I AM what I eat.
Last night too, after desserting with another batch of my home made raw chocolate bar jammed packed with exotica I laid in my bed buzzing. My whole body vibrated – not in the jostled caffeinated way…but in an activated way – as though I’ve tapped into a reserve that was waiting for me if i just figured out the code.
Chocolate had always had an effect on me…but now i’m delving into deeper territory. Now I’m creating my own with the best ever ingredients, intention & love. Now I’m properly dosing myself.
this is my kind of medicine.