Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if it was perfect.

I would wake up early not because I had to, but because my whole being would be so excited to be alive and get my day started that getting up would be fun. That’s right – fun!

I would gaze at the sunrise and do some yoga, go for a surf and have a nice breakfast and relax for a couple hours in the morning and allow myself to awaken and ease into the day.

I’d play with my dog and arm wrestle with my main man. I would work on my various projects that help people to blossom and make me the cash that allows me to thrive. Or maybe I’d save that for later and instead I’d go out to the forest and listen to the trees or travel to a music fest and rock out or fly my Cessna to a photographic heaven and start snapping.

The point is that I’d have options and I’d call the shots.

I’m convinced this is exactly what I can create for myself, I just have to go and fricken do it.

I do look better with a tan, so I really ought to get on this already.