At times, I find myself overviewing a just-lived scenario that could have gone better. I generally figure out the perfect thing I could have said. By perfect i mean a response that I would have been satisfied with – knowing in that moment all of my values & beliefs and heart were expressed in that oral or action transaction.
Sometimes a conversation or scenario doesn’t go my way, but somehow it’s absolutely perfect.
This is common, actually. I wanted the falafel, I got the avocado salad, and turns out, I LOVE the avocado salad. Falafel what?
When it’s more in the “this feels really shitty, and I’m still getting a grip on why this fucking blows so much”, though, it sucks.
Oh what to do? How to be? Do I get angry? Do I accept it all? Where’s the perfection of it all? Is it time to bust out the “Silent Treatment”?
A silent protest. FYI: This doesn’t jive with me.
How would an enlightened person handle this situation? Oh wait – let me guess. Enlightened people wouldn’t have this situation come up in the first place.
Looks how easy it is to be sarcastic in a situation like this.

I wonder if negotiation mastery, killer wit, well timed comebacks and epic retorts have a large connection to a persons ability to fully speak or express their truth in every moment. espresso.

Because gosh darn geez I would LOVE to be there.

Look at how much fun the black eyed peas have. YAY! I’ll have a serving of that.