Getting double bounced on the trampoline has the cheap thrill factor, unless there’s a weak point in the anterior cruciate ligament from a previous injury. Dag. That can slow down life in the fast lane in a hurry.

This reinjury, however has been an interesting point of reflection – despite the level of pain I felt, I’ve also enjoyed a relatively speedy recovery. This I feel is due to many things:
1) immediate attention from a skilled medical professional.
2) serious & devoted r.i.c.e (rest, ice, compress, elevate) attention.
3) using all the lotions, potions & anti-inflamatory ‘meds’ in my arsenal in a dedicated, acute fashion.
4) having a better state of mind (a strong, cellular level healing belief system), & more love for myself than when I originally injured my knee several years ago.
Back then, I wasn’t the happiest kitty in the litter box. I did all of the above things….but that forth one was missing and it seemed like it took FOREVER for me to get my knee back to normal functioning.
It took so long that I didn’t even fully appreciate how injury free I was until I was hobbling on the ground after I got off the trampoline. Geez. What a moment that was.
These days I am much more content – I love myself and wish for myself the best in life – including a radiant, healthy functional body. And I know I deserve it.
Perhaps that sounds like the bullet train to fromage-ville, but I’m convinced by my speedy recovery theory. And the pro that I was working with this time encouraged me to reflect about the energetic message this knee injury was sending me while he was manually manipulating my knee and body back into a less traumatized state.
Energy medicine is a powerful component of healing. Intergrated medicine is where it’s at for speedy recovery. Mind training is is the medicine of the future.
pictured above: me and my beautiful knees, crouching to feed a roo in Oz.