What is one of my big wishes for the people of this Earth? It’s that we become a group of thoughtful, resourceful beings who can take care of themselves. My definition of needy is when people are relying on the time and effort of others for basic things. Like something that can be Googled. 

Needy is not sexy. At all. FYI.

“How much do Goji Berries cost?” This is an example of the type of email that may come to me on a daily basis. Why didn’t this person simply type this question to Google? I am not here to do this on their behalf. I am a REALLY, REALLY busy person, who is using Google on a daily basis to answer my own questions. If, on the other hand, a person felt compelled to share a really insightful article about Goji Berries, now there is a basis of a worthwhile interaction.

In the time it took them to write me, they could have easily used a difference function on their computer to search the same information. If after that they are still confused, then an email would be appropriate. 

When it comes to receiving email correspondence that involves people asking me questions that can easily be googled first…..why didn’t they just google it?

As I tweeted the other day: “Got a question? Need an answer? Ask God, or Ask Google. Both are helpful, time efficient, cost effective means to learn more”.
After that, ask me. Ask me when you want my opinion. Ask me when God or Google doesn’t yield an answer for you. Contact me when you have AMAZING information to share, and want my help spreading the word. 

This is not to say that I don’t like taking care of others. I do. I love doing this from a level where I take over where they simply aren’t able. Too busy to make food for yourself? I can help you with that. Feeling overwhelmed? I am here to listen. Google can’t really help with these things….unless it’s to find a good restaurant or shrink. 

Oh Google, there you are again, effortlessly helping.

Now, I recognize that I’m a friendly, lovable person, and that perhaps some people simply want to interact with me, and I can appreciate that. What I’m putting out there to the Universe is that people really learn to become self sufficient. 

In this day and age, in these ultra busy, fast times…..we must strive to help ourselves as often as possible, and not burdening others with minutia. 

This simple act can change our interactions. Suddenly we are interacting with each other only to enhance our knowledge, not just to ask questions that are already answered.

Quite possibly: The seeds to evolution.

Image courtesy of: Abstract Thoughts