how it ever happened that I lived my whole life without crowd surfing I don’t know…but this past Saturday @ the Pearl Jam concert I finally experienced it. i knew i wanted to…I’ve always wanted to…but held myself back. Next time…or it’s stupid so why bother? these were the types of conversations that streamed in my head when I was rationalizing against doing what I want.

In the midst of the chaos I looked back at my friend Sabrina and she told me to go for it…and I shrugged. Then a girly girl type with a big hand bag and chunky heals turns around and says to her guy friends: “hold on”, tucks her bag under arm and away she went…just like that. at that moment I knew: if she can do it I can do it. And so I went.
It felt exhilirating surrendering to the arms below me, and frankly in those brief moments I felt safer up there then I did on the ground. I still have a throbbing foot from ‘down there’, and only happy memories from floating above. I landed right in front of the band, and ran to the side – high fived a cop and ran up the the girly girl and thanked her for being an inspiration.
Later some dudes coaxed me to go again…and of course I did.
Crowd surfing. I get it. Finally.