Who knows how to have fun? this gal.
“don’t pay for parking; be quick like a ninja”
“listen to the talking trees”
“order chai & spice it, but don’t drink it – just enjoy the artistry of the drink. Instead I drink own brew (made with spring water & superfoods) and enjoy the ‘free’ wifi”
“speak in broken English using heavy Ukrainian accent”
“work from the movie theatre”
“sneaky long hot shower”
“read books by osmosis”
“praise blitz”
“afternoon nap”
“bring in ‘more than enough’ wood”
“clean up after myself”
“music induced erotic fantasy”
“no snag/scratch cat hugging”
“happy plants are hydrated plants”
“floss for youth”
“‘make my bed’ bedroom makeovers”
“I never have laundry because I’m totally on top of it”.
“up before 10, sleep before 2”
“bliss balls, tax preparation & me”
“another day, another route”
“adult coloring class”
“teaching kids slang”
“find the beauty in the room” (for example, see image above)
“damn this tastes delicious. Dang I’m good!”
“full expression yoga”
“smile at strangers”
“neurotic photography”
the rules are simple. the choices are plentiful. the fun is apparent.