I’ve been experiencing dark nights since I came to this planet. While in Iceland last week I had the pleasure of experiencing light nights…endless days strung together by a sun that hardly sets. The sky is perpetually light. It’s trippy, really…and offers a sense of timelessness. Especially when the sky is overcast it’s hard to tell whether its morning, noon or night.

Me and my homies easily stayed up until 3am…I feel like had I not been so exhausted from the month of constant travel prior to Iceland, I would have hardly slept at all while i was here. Alas, Iceland was to be a recoup for me. Sleeping in the light was great. It felt a lot like afternoon napping, complete with hearing outside sounds and zany, lucid dreams.

Last night I watched the sun set into darkness from the JFK airport on my way home from Iceland. And I felt a little sad saying goodbye to my weeklong day. It was as if I hadn’t known anything else. Later, after I landed in SFO, I felt a little bummed out. I didn’t even notice that I had crossed the Golden Gate Bridge! Perhaps this is part of the adjustment that comes with experiencing regular darkness once again.

I’d love to go back to Iceland again at this time of year with minimal plans, and just park myself in the great outdoors near a hot spring and lose track of time and myself. Just be. Seems like a sweet little human experiment. What kind of musings could come from that experience?

Let there be light this night.

Above: My homie Avocado shows the time on his phone: 12:28 am.