T’was moved tonight, via intuition, to make some moon tea. My homegirls and I went out and picked some lemon balm.

Lemon balm is a herb of evolution. It’s timely, what with all the nuclear radiation floating about the atmosphere that we invocate evolution in ourselves….seed ourselves with this energy of catalytic positive change.

I placed it in a big jar of water, invocated & blessed the brew, and left it in the moonlight. There it will steep, inviting in the lunar magic. Tomorrow on the full moon, which is an extra special “super moon”, we’ll all sip this tea and ponder its deepness.

The moon, afterall, helps us to realize that forces greater than our own thoughts guide our evolution. The lemon balm is the medium that the moon works through to get to our deepest emotions. Acknowledge, release and transcend.

Isn’t plant medicine wonderfully galactic?