I marvel at how the worst thing ever can easily turn into a blessing. Take for example the other day when I flew home from a sweet lil’ visit in Maine. My luggage didn’t make it home with me. At first I was freaking out. 

What? How dare they? Do they have any idea how much they are inconveniencing me? And what the hell: where are my “good vibes” now?
Minutes later the paper work was filled out and my ride showed up at the airport. Turns out the ultra small car was packed with five people and could barely manage my friend Aniela’s carry on (the trunk was small and already full. Personally when I pick someone up from the airport I leave room in my trunk – but hey, were all on our own trip and this oversight supports the miracle of my story). 
There’s no way that big duffel filled with camping equipment would have fit in that car. Or if it could have somehow, it would have made for a very uncomfortable 4 hour drive.
It’s like the angels knew. So a mild inconvenience of me not having a bag of stuff that I think I need for a few days offered us a headache free means to make our way home. Meanwhile, the airline is delivering my bag right to my door.
Thus, I give gratitude to all that’s happening in the unseen. Somehow it’s all perfect. Thank you! I never  knew I could be so excited about lost luggage.