On my birthday last week, in a somewhat tipsy state, two of my favorites and I sauntered into a Mac’s convenience store, each chose some numbers, and bought a lotto ticket.

We didn’t win that time, but from there the lotto club was born. I like this idea. A lot.

I feel that I’m doing a lot of stuff to propel my life forward- reinventing myself in micro baby steps. This is what I tell myself I’m doing anyway.

I’m working many angles – improving in my role at my current j.o.b., bettering my appearance, regularly taking courses that propel my business mind & spiritual sense forward, etc. And now the lotto club. Playing chance with intention, regularly.

This rounds out my efforts. It almost feels like an act of surrender. I will playing this game with enthusiasm, visualization, purpose and detachment to the results.

Really, it’s just great practice for a way of being…and the end results have lucrative potential.