Hmmmm, well. It seems that I’m fairly good at writing the story of my life. Why, just last year I was wishing for a more flow-y work scene that lets nature guide what I do each day. And, lookee here: to a large extent that’s what I’m doing now.

When it’s warm out, I park myself on the deck on the tree house I’m living at, and set up shop (see image above). When it’s hot out, me and the gals head down to the beach to frolic in the waves and float in the effervescent waters.
When it’s rainy out I hide in my room, listen to the falling drops and enjoy the solitude.
I go with the flow, and it makes it easy to work everyday. I only have to do a little each day to get a lot done. As long as I set myself daily goals in terms of what I want to complete or manifest I know I’ll be covering some serious, galactic ground.
It’s quite amazing that what I write in terms of what I want to bring into my life does manifest – all in great timing of course. SPELL it out. As if I’m casting a spell on my life with the works I document on this great web of consciousness called the Internet.
I’m in awe of my power to create. Because there are many skeptics & naysayers out there who I could have let influence my desires. Instead I’ve simply believed in my heart that the reality I want is possible. I just have to clearly visualize it, know that it will come to be for me, release any attachment to how it might come into reality, and pay attention to the synchronicities that come forth. Then take action.
That last part I realize is so friggen important. I have to take action. When the opportunities present themselves, carpe diem. Not some day when I feel like it. But NOW.
Action. The fun part!! The part that amalgamates or galvanizes all the other parts of the manifestation process. Like how a pinch of the best ever sea salt ties it all together in chocolate making, or a vanilla infused elixir production, or insert your favorite dish creation process here.
It really brings some yummy food, delicious views, magical experiences and lovely people into my life. Etc. It’s great to know that there is an easy recipe for the raddest life ever.
Be mindful what you wish for….