After living a life that had so many constants for such a long time….the life I’ve recently immersed myself into seems almost a dream.

Instead of working in an office, I’m working out of the home here I live.
My self-involved urban socialite life now involves gathering wood daily for the fire that warms my home/office, wrapping up bees for the winter, tending to an indoor garden of plants.
I’ve traded make-up & wine @ trendy spots for daily barefoot walks & medicinal smoothie elixirs. At least for now, anyway.
Basically, I’ve accepted the challenge of being more conscious in every moment of my life. From going pee to planning out the day – and being very attentive to the future, it seems that everything I do requires my full attention.
Getting up in the morning is much easier than it was just one week ago. I rise before the sun most mornings effortlessly. I start working immediately.
My new boss is demanding, plays a mean set of drums, and wears an Ozzy tee to work.
I love it here.
It’s not easy. All this newness has thrown me for a loop. It’s humbling yet refreshing to not know what the hell I’m doing – even the simple stuff.
Beginner mind begins.
Today I saw a fox during my walk in the woods.
Animal medicine.