Last week I as at Guerrilla Business School in Orange Country. I learned a lot about running a business, negotiation techniques and more on marketing from successful multi-millionaires & billionaires. It was fun, I promise.

With all the information that was exchanged last week, there’s one tidbit that’s still ringing in my head like the “dental plan/Lisa needs braces” scene from the Simpsons circa 1993. I can’t remember which speaker shared this, but apparently the state of your car trunk is a fairly good physical representation of one’s mind.
If that’s the case, then I suppose my life makes a lot of sense. My trunk is STUFFED with various things, some useful, some not – but really when I go to find things in there it’s total chaos. Especially at night when actual visibility is at a minimum. Also, my friends & comrades who see the state of my truck find it ridiculous.
Metaphorically speaking, I’m not doing myself any favors keeping my trunk in this sorry, disorganized, overfilled state.
For all the amazing learning I was able to do last week, what I really need to is clear some space for all these teachings to land. One of the most resonant things I learned about a running a business so far is to do some Spring cleaning when things get out of hand.
I’ll keep you posted if I become an overnight guerilla business genius after cleaning out & organizing the ass end of my car.