It’s an interesting phenomenon going shopping cash in hand, surrounded by beautiful things but also the knowingness that there really is no point in purchasing any item unless it’s absolutely perfect – because I’ll have to physically carry it with me in my suitcase until i wear it out or give it away. It’s easy to say NO since this is the case.
I’ve said NO so so many sweet articles of clothing, jewellry & boots – oh the beautiful boots. Sandals too. Sigh.
The other day I was walking down Queen Street West in Toronto, going into the various shops….and I had this moment of satisfaction as I was walking through Lavish & Squalor. They had many lovely articles of clothing there, and in fact their second floor reminded me of the Rag & Bone store in Soho. (aka AWESOME). If you haven’t been…just go.
It had been a great day of shopping – mostly just looking at what’s “in”, and I just realized that we’ve come a long way in terms of fashion. Today, a pair of casual pants in a regular store in a touristy area tickles the senses in a way that was unimaginable just ten years ago. Interesting is IN. This is good news.
The second realization I had, was that wouldn’t it be amazing if we as humans developed our emotional intelligence as fast as we developed our fashion intelligence? Great style is available to EVERYONE now. It’s there for you and me. We can easily acquire and wear it. Emotional awareness, however, that’s another story.
I watched Sharkwater the other evening, and let me tell you – the humans who were featured in this movie cutting off the fins of sharks and then tossing the live sharks back into the water to suffocate & drown are definitely NOT showcasing the pinnacle of human development.
I’m embarrassed on behalf of the human race. Imagine if we’d put as much energy into the care & reverence of our animal friends (and fellow human beings for that matter) as we do with our material adornment.
Imagine if we were that emotionally developed that it was a casual thing – expected. A non-issue. Just like walking down QSW and having my fashion senses tickled. I would just look around at some random point in my life and marvel how wonderful we are.
WOW. If that were the case, if I were from another one I think I’d like to visit this planet.