Hopping a bus from San Pedro, Bolivia, Robin and I journey to meet our guide and four travel companions for a multiday tour of the Salar de Uyuni: the world’s most extended salt flat. I hug my camera – my raison d’être – close to me, feeling its rugged, protective case slung around my neck. I’ve heard about these landscapes…a photog’s fantasy.

Enroute our group explores an oasis – a desert landscape with thousands of cacti – in the midst of the salt flat. Alpaca, llamas, desert foxes and vizcachas observe us from a distance

We arrive to find the remains of an ancient sea veiled by water from the recent rainy season, creating a beautiful illusion of infinity; the waters reflections make blues and whites merge together, awakening a surrealist mirror of sky, clouds, and distant mountains that could have been painted by Salvador Dali. Click, click, goes my camera…

Surrendering into our altitude induced giddiness; the six of us dance around the salt flats and take ridiculous pictures. Our visual senses are continuously tickled with awe, as visions of white, red and blue lakes with flamingoes flash before our eyes. Click. Click.

The drive back to our starting point takes us through an electrical storm. Click.Click. It’s been a good few days of traveling.

(a tribute to robin kochorek, in memory)