Here’s a thought: I’m going to write out a script for myself, for my life – the most fantastical, beautiful, fun script I could possibly conceive, and then act it out.

Sitting next to the world’s cheesiest bar in the centre of Winnipeg, a friend was talking about writing a script for his big project, his vision: “Nothing’s going to happen unless I script it out”.

And the gong of my mind went off. Of course. The script takes getting clear to the next level. It facilitates the action steps that activate the manifestation process.

I feel like writing out a script can take the pressure off too: Suddenly I know what to do! I just act out my part in the script and see what happens.

Granted my life script will have to be revisited periodically for rewriting because I can’t predict exactly how my life play will be acted out. That’s the exciting part.

As Napoleon Hill said: “Reduce your plan to writing…The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire”. Sounds like fun to me.

So my next piece of writing after I finish with this post shall be titled: 2012. The Year of Krystyna. It’s a working title. I’ll jazz it up at some point.

And in that writing I share share the fantastic blossoming that will take place. Just watch the transformation; be a part if it. Write your own script and join the fun.

Look at how much fun Hollywood is having with all those scripts and stories being turned into fully expressed productions. I want to be a part of that magic, and I’m going to start with my own personal ‘movie’.

And the Golden Globe goes to…..

pictured above: some principles I’ll work into my script. I know. I’m so deep.