The gulf oil spill supremely annoys & saddens me.

My higher self urges me to stay positive and visualize healing that deep ocean wound. but my ‘human’-ness feels really sad about this…and angry too. But mostly a deep sadness – one akin to heart break – but worse.

This isn’t just my pain, it’s the pain of humanity. And humanity has allowed this to happen. We’re all responsible. As long as we support the ways of doing things that get us in trouble, we’re as responsible for the mess as BP or whoever else is doing the drilling or digging.

The annoyance part comes from my own impatience and feelings of helplessness. Why aren’t we over this way of being already? Oil spills and their ecologically devastating counterparts seem so 1970’s. And this mess is SO BIG, and yet it feels as though we’re all collectively stunned into fixing it. STUNNED.
Shift NEEDS to happen. and quick.
I just want to know what I can do.
image courtesy of Tooth Paste for Dinner