Sometimes I eat things that aren’t entirely where I’m at, and frankly, it’s annoying. And example of this could be a soup from your regular deli. Sure it tastes good, probably has some veggie in it, and in fact could be some amazing home cooked masterpiece prepared loving for days. Usually though it’s straight out of a can and into the soup dispenser. ugh. This is even funnier when there’s a homemade soup sign, and it’s just marketing from the soup company.

If I’m eating some that “annoys me” 9 times out of 10 I’m eating something that isn’t serving my proverbial higher self. I would posture, for example, that subconscious knows when food is lacking in the quality department by this reaction alone.

Taking all variables of our food into consideration, where diet really comes to is: does this food make me happy? When we reflect at how food affects all aspects of our lives, including health, and how food affects how we feel because of it….then we know where to go with our diets.

Eating a Twinkie, for example, might make your mind happy, but does it make your body happy? What about your soul? Is your soul calling for the Twinkie? Let’s be real with ourselves.

True happy food makes us happy in all realms of our Selves. It nourishes our mind-body-spirit. If it doesn’t feed one of those human elements, that can we honestly call it happy food? I think not.

So, if I’m happy when I eat, and if I’m happy about WHAT i’m eating, and if I’m happy that I ate, and I feel great all around, then jeez, that’s a pretty good gauge that I’m doing something right. That is the part of the “diet” that is usually ignored.

Anyway, this attitude brings super-awareness to the eating process. When we eat with awareness, it’s really challenging to EAT CRAP, it’s hard to binge eat, or starve ourselves, etc. When we eat with awareness we get what we need from food to thrive.

You are what you eat, and when what you eat makes you happy, then you are happy.

I’d rather be happy.