One of my life goals is to have a personal stylist. Someone that I consult with on a regular basis on what looks best on me, what my image is communicating, where I want to take my hair, etc, etc.

Why do celebrities often look so dang ingenious with their looks? They’ve paid someone to help then get there. In the classic work smarter not harder mantra – the savvy celebrity let’s someone else do the thinking for them.
And I’m convinced that good style makes others happy and incites them to find their own stylespiration. Even with all my hippy tendencies, watching Anna Wintour & Grace Coddinton work their magic amidst the fashion world in The September Issue (of Vogue) was completely inspiring. NYC here I come. I also like that I’m more excited than ever to look my best while keeping my values close: not spending frivolously or purchasing trendy, disposable clothing; opting for natural, organic, sustainable fabrics that feel good against my skin as often as possible, buying second hand or consciously made items…choosing items that have at least a 50-50 fashion-function ratio. it just makes sense!
I’ve always loved fashion, and while for the most part I’ve tamed the consumerist beast that ruled me from deep within for so many years…i still want to look good, I still enjoy taking part in the textile expression. The right hair, outfit, shoes and attitude can make an ordinary day extraordinary.
This morning my sister – who’s gifted in the style area- took it upon herself to ‘style’ me. She took my style, tweaked it…and the rest of the day flowed like an ormus filled spring from the mountain earth. Complements, synchronicities, synergies ensued.
Coincidience? I think not.
And it’s nice to know that my goal isn’t even that far out of reach.