Recently at a super awesome David Wolfe event I attended in Cowtown I learned many profound things surround the following concept: the subtle energy of your food becomes your mind. I forget who’s words those are (Einstein?) but they’re fricken genius (obviously).

These words charge the passion that stirs within me…as the quality of my food (and water and thoughts for that matter) have been swirling in my consciousness for years now. That I understand and recognize these subtle energies shows that I’ve accepted this level of awareness into my being. Every choice that I make is articulated by that concept. And…communicating this message to others has become important to me…although I’m not sure how effective my efforts have been. I might have to work on my strategies, tactics & delivery.

I do wonder what space an individual’s heart & head has to be in to accept the notion of the subtle energies of food affecting their mind. I’ve talked to my family about these things for example…and to a certain extent they seem to logically understand. Yet their actions speak louder than words – still choosing to consume fast food, conventionally grown produce & meat and packaged goods, etc. which don’t exactly contain the subtle energy of illumination. Clearly there’s a disconnect.

I truly want to understand this disconnect better but I guess this is where I lose my steam – if the subtle energy of food resonated with them their choices would be different. I don’t want to judge – that doesn’t help…but then I don’t want to eat those foods either when they’re served up at celebrations, etc. To me, they’re GROSS. Disgusting really. So 80’s, and not the part of the 80’s worth reviving for the sake of style & entertainment.

Of course, they think what I eat is just plain weird too…but I’m just going to stick with it. At some point I know things are going to start smelling like roses for me all the time. On some dimension they already do. I just gotta tap into it. Meanwhile, until then, I’ll relish in the fact that I’m harnessing the energy of the best food available and let my mind sort out the rest.