Hi. I’m Krystyna. It’s been 835 days since my last hot dog.

I went to a T. Harv Eker talk the other night, and it was a fun, entertaining evening spent discussing ‘the economy’ – a favorite topic of convo these days. Or not. For me, hearing someone like Harv speak is a soul soothing experience. Oh phew, there are sane people out there…in abundance. It’s all about finding the place and the space to connect with them. Instead of getting another dose of the CNN (Constant Negative News) doom and gloom we got a pep talk that this time is ripe with opportunity if we open our hearts and minds to it.

How can we create our own thriving economy? Well…in a nutshell…

Be realistically optimistic. Note that an optimist, by definition, finds the best possible solution to a problem. Remember that what goes up must come down, and vice versa. The economy isn’t going to be in the toilet forever, just like it wasn’t able to soar forever. Will the economy get better? Yes. When will it bounce back? Eventually. Being an optimist is a choice, and is based in action. Negativity is based in paralysis. Ahem.

Use “what is”. Recognize that way things are and learn to distinguish opportunities versus obstacles. There is a multitude of ways to prosper no matter what is going on. All you have to do is look at how you can solve problems for people and make money while doing it. Help people = make money. It’s a beautiful equation

Have a clear strategy. Ask yourself: What’s my true intention – survival, comfort or wealth? Who am I? What’s my risk/stress tolerance? What do I know? What am I willing to learn? In short – be aware of who you are. These simple, yet loaded questions will bring clarity to your life.

Trust in yourself. Know that you will always find or create a way. This locus of control is basically your key to happiness. Write that down.

Do whatever it takes. If you’re 100% committed to success, if you’re dedicated to gettin’ er done, then you will see the corresponding results surface in your life. It is law. Hazy actions = hazy results. Isn’t math fun?

Never give up. The only person in the way of any success you are seeking in any area of your life is you. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but once you choke it down it’s very liberating.

Pursue self-mastery. In other words, take conscious control of your behavior. Consider that the way you think about money and success forever – your ‘money blueprint’ – is the product of verbal cues, modeling and specific instances from your past, involving authoritative people in your life like parents, teachers and clergy. This is good news if you grew up hearing things like “I can do great things with my money” or “you are a genius!” and bad news if you heard things like “money is the root of all evil”, or “you’ll never amount to anything”. But good news to counteract the bad news (booyah) is that simply recognizing that these ‘mental tapes’ are subconsciously playing in your head is enough to shift your mindset onto a more successful track. Awareness in itself is profound. Even better? Replace the crappy limited thinking tapes with tracks of shiny new endless possibilities. It’s worth doing the inner work to change your roots, so the fruits you grow will be that much sweeter.

The gist: this talk reiterated to me that I’m in control my own success & happiness. I can be a defensive worrier, an indifferent watcher or a go-gettin’ warrior that knows an opportunity when I see one and take the bull by the horns and position myself for success (see above). Sounds way better than what CNN is reporting.

Hot dogs suck.