A good day for me can consist of sleeping the day away, but waking up and going for a hike to the top of a local hill to soak in the rays of the sunset.

Something in that one action makes the rest of my seemingly low productivity day jump into the best day ever catogory. Sure I slept through the hot sunshine and the “key work hours” that everyone else seems to keep, but I did I have lucid dreams and restful sleep. Definitely worth it.
After I awake I exercise my body and finally ingest of the most nourishing food a human can take in: the lightrays of the sun just as it’s setting. The sun pours forth from the horizon like honey, and I tilt my head back and drink it in. Bonus – it’s easy on the digestive tract. I know. Bad joke.
There is such amazing magic in sungazing that it’s simply better to experience it than talk about it. Barefoot against the earth, staring at the horizon just as the sun goes down makes it easy on the retina’s and powerful for the soul. Barefoot (grounded) and sunrise/sunset timing is of crucial importance.
Can you say cosmic downloads?
After, i continue on my hike and notice all the beauty that surrounds me, hear all the animals rustling in the bush and enjoy my quietude. Alone, I feel like I’m surrounded by friends.
It’s time well spent. In these moments I say to the universe: I love & respect my life. I have reverence for my time on this Earth – even through a day of rest I let this be known. I cherish my body and my senses. I’m grateful for all that surrounds me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Here’s a suggestion to my fellow earthly neighbours: When a day doesn’t seem as productive as you’d like just go for a hike – even if it’s around the block of an industrial area. Trust me, I’ve been there.
There is still nature intermixed with the concrete jungle. Find the beauty, feel the gratitude and turn a day into a good one, or even the best one yet.