It’s important to remember that just because someone has more money or less money, more experience or less experience, more friends or fewer friends, more notches on their bed post or less that everyone is of the same importance and value in the eyes of God.
Now I can see people getting squeamish at my mention of God, but really fill in the blank of whatever you believe in – Source, the Universe, Allah, False Idols, whatever.
If you don’t believe in anything….sorry, I can’t help you.
The point is that this air of “I’m better than you” that our human race seems to thrive on is a sickness that holds us back as a collective. We boost ourselves up by putting or pushing others down and in doing so we impede ourselves from evolving as a whole.

Celebrity culture and the workplace pyramids and class differences can breed a shortfall of neighbourly respect. How about I honour your existence?

Sure, this guy might be more intelligent than that guy; but that doesn’t make this guy better than that guy. It just makes him smarter. An important distinction.
If we were a collective of awakened, conscious people we’d treat all those we come in contact with reverence.
Acknowledging a beggar can a more meaningful experience for both parties than giving him money. Eye contact and a smile or a couple of quarters? I see you is worth more.
And the billionaire next door? I see him too. Hello friend, way to be.
Imagine if we all took the time to look at people in our lives. Really see them. We would see that we are the same.
As Rumi says: We are the mirror, and the face in it.
I know I have my elitist moments. I am aware of them. “I am better than you” is an exhausting attitude, and ultimately fruitless. Creating separateness doesn’t feel good.
We’re all in this together.
When I’m opening and accepting of all people – keeping my judgements on the back-burner – the magic of life turns on and good things flow to me. Everyone’s a winner, including me.