It’s a New Year, and I’m really excited. 2014, baby!

In previous years I may have felt a little edgy on January 1 because in addition to possibly being hungover or super tired from partying until the wee hours of the morning, the New Year for me brought all kinds of pressure.

Gotta be better! The heaviness to be more fit, to earn more money, to yadda yadda, my God, it made me want to hide, or distract myself so deeply with activity that I didn’t have time to think.

I spent this New Years Eve by myself. This was a first. I’ve always gone to some kind of party, even if it wasn’t my thang. This year I was invited to a couple of soirees that I’m sure would have been fun, but I was destined to party with me, myself and I.

So, I literally partied by myself. I made myself a lovely dinner, had wine, and chaga tea & played my favorite music and enjoyed all things me related.

I created a special ceremony to celebrate the new year. It was a combination of intention setting & tobacco and a spring water potion christened with flower essenses. This is one of my favorite creative outlets. The craft of a contemporary shamanic artiste! (Said with a french accent).

Maybe this sounds like the most boring night ever, but to me it was a blast.

All the things that typically annoy me about New Years (the coupling at midnight, the getting shit-faced drunk, the fromage factor), were all bypassed.

Instead I visualized who and how I want to be and where I want to go this year and be in ceremony with that. Today I continued with that process some more. It’s interesting how writing all this down has shown me what I really want.

And this is where I’ve noticed massive stress reduction. I feel calm, cool, collected and inspired about the year to come because I’ve already put my order in with the Universe. Highly recommended.

Beats being hungover for sure.