A while back I listened to a Bulletproof Executive podcast featuring Dave Asprey & Um Ramdas

In a gist, this guy was promoting his “gratitude journal” as a “powerful success technology”. Literally take a few minutes a day (morning and evening) to fill in a couple of blanks and watch your life transform.

I did invest in the journal at the time, and I really, really wanted it fill it out daily. Frankly, it turned out to be another book to carry and I forgot about it…and since I travel a lot carrying something I don’t use is generally not my M.O..

Then a miracle happened; the The Five Minute Journal became an App that I could use on my iPhone. Easy. Light. No extra weight! And it chimes to remind me to fill in the blanks! So I downloaded it and away I went.

Every morning upon rising for the past two months I’ve answered the following questions:

What am I grateful for? (And I list three things)

What would make today great? (Again I list three things. I like this part because I can ask for whatever I want. Lucky for me this is my journal!)

Daily Affirmations: I type in the things I would like to be or know to be true about myself. (e.g.: I am beautiful. I am a magnet for Divine prosperity, and so on). I’m grateful I have Siri on my phone because I have the added benefit of saying these affirmations out loud while I dictate them into the App.

Every evening before I rest for the past two months I have answered the following:

Three Amazing things that happened today: This parts great because I can include my favorite picture. Since I’m a constant photographer I’m stoked to have this private medium to chronicle my favorite moments.This section is amazing because even when I’m having a day that isn’t all rainbows it allows me to tune in with whatever subtle thing or incident made me happier. This is the subtle shift in perception that makes this work powerful.

How could I have made today better? I’m often surprised at this answer. I find that for me it usually has to do with self care (I could have drank more water today), or self talk (I could have practiced a more kind internal dialogue today), or my relationships (I could have connected with my parents today.) A moment in time to become more self aware.

Am I happier & more successful because of this technology? Possibly. Frankly, I’m doing many things to promote success & happiness in my life. I certainly feel this contributes. I’m dedicating time twice a day to find the good in my life. This is FUN. I LOVE doing it. It’s a habit that I easily integrated into my life. And…I have this cute, funny digital collection of the SWEETNESS in my life, and this makes me smile. I guess you could call me a Gratitude Nerd.
The Five Minute Journal App